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At Friday Milner Lambert Turner, PLLC we use our experience and knowledge of the Texas legal system and family law courts to help our clients determine whether a prenuptial agreement is right for them. We also strive to ensure that you receive a legally sound, enforceable, and beneficial document in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Understanding Texas Laws

If you choose to work with our firm, we can develop a personalized prenuptial agreement that will protect any assets that you take into the marriage including:

  • Property
  • Business
  • Wealth

It can also safeguard you against extensive amounts of debt that your spouse may bring into the marriage. You may have questions regarding your specific situation and how a prenuptial agreement can help you. We are here to provide answers. With the assistance of our firm, you can draft a favorable agreement and begin to move toward your impending nuptials with peace of mind.

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How can a prenup protect your marriage?

With the negative stigma of prenuptial agreements, it is important to note the many benefits that they offer to couples who are entering marriage. Prenuptial agreements help couples define their rights and obligations to protect both parties in the event of divorce or death.

Some of the reasons you should consider a prenuptial agreement include:

  • You have children from a previous marriage
  • You own a business
  • Your partner has significant debt
  • You have property that must remain in the family
  • You have inherited money
  • You earn less than your partner
  • You earn more than your partner
  • You plan to quit your job to raise children

By communicating about such financial matters, your relationship may be strengthened as you build a solid base for handling issues in the future. Obtaining a prenuptial agreement can help you protect your future. If you have questions or concerns about your prenuptial agreement, or if you are interested in drafting an agreement or enforcing an agreement, contact FMLT today. Our Austin prenup lawyers are committed to providing outstanding representation and quality legal counsel in family law concerns to clients throughout Williamson, Hays, and Travis Counties, and we may be able to help you, too.

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At our Austin law firm, we believe that each client has a unique set of needs and priorities. That’s why we provide compassionate, thorough, and individualized attention to each of our clients. This is accomplished using a team approach to resolve divorce and other family law cases. Clients can benefit from the combined experience of the lawyers in our firm. Our goal is always to maximize outcomes and minimize costs.

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