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Issues Affecting Children in an Austin Divorce

At Friday Milner Lambert Turner, PLLC, we realize how emotionally charged any issue of child custody or support can be. Whether you can settle the matter yourself in mediation, or you need to go before a court, our experienced legal advocates can come alongside you with knowledgeable, compassionate counsel. We are prepared to pursue the best interests of your child by asserting your legal rights.

At our Austin divorce firm, we work diligently to assist clients in family law matters of all kinds, including issues of child custody, visitation, support, parental rights, and the establishment of primary residence. We can also help you with the modification of child custody or support orders that have become unworkable or are otherwise in need of a change. No case is too complex for us. We are prepared to deliver the world-class advocacy you and your family deserve.

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Child Custody Law in Texas

How is child custody determined in Texas? When a court creates an order for child custody or visitation, the judge always seeks to create an arrangement that is in the child’s best interests. Many factors go into making this decision.

Some of the factors a judge will consider include:

  • The fitness of each parent to care for the child
  • The stability of environment each parent can provide
  • Any history of, or potential for, abuse
  • The wishes of a child if he or she is older than 12
  • The child’s relationships with other relatives

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Your Visitation Rights in Austin, Texas

Before major decisions are placed into the hands of a judge, parents can create a parenting plan that covers the details of custody and visitation. A judge will often approve this plan as securing the child’s best interests, especially if the non-custodial parent has substantial visitation rights. It is important to understand that visitation rights can extend to more than biological parents. For instance, grandparents may be able to assert visitation rights.

Once the court has created these orders, they cannot be modified, except when both parents are in agreement or a parent or child’s situation has changed significantly. It is vital that you secure fair results before these court orders are set in stone. Set up your consultation with a child visitation attorney in Austin to find out how you can preserve your family’s rights.

Your Visitation Rights in Austin, Texas

Here are some important things to know about child support in Texas:

  • It is calculated based on state guidelines, factoring in the non-custodial parent’s income.
  • The custodial parent is presumed to pay child support as he or she pays the daily expenses.
  • A court has to approve any changes to support; parents cannot do so on their own.
  • Support payments can be increased if a parent can show a reduced ability to pay.

Every case is different. An experienced attorney could best tell you what to expect in your own divorce or child support hearing. In the meantime, you can get an idea of what child support might look like in your case with this Travis County child support calculator.

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When it comes to a divorce, issues surrounding child custody and child support can cause the most anxiety and contention. These discussions and disputes call for experienced and compassionate representation. You need legal counsel that can protect your child from the trauma of the divorce while still pursuing your child’s best interests without compromise. At Friday Milner Lambert Turner, PLLC, we always strive to achieve this balance, helping you and your family to a stronger future as quickly as possible.

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