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Our firm provides mediation for other attorneys and their clients, and mediation is our primary method for settling our own cases.

Mediation is a structured negotiation utilizing the services of a trained facilitator called a mediator. The goal of mediation is to reach a binding settlement agreement and avoid going to court. Mediation is a highly effective process, and the large majority of cases that go to mediation settle at mediation. No wonder judges require it! 

The Mediator’s Role

A mediator is a neutral third party selected by the attorneys or appointed by the court. Typically, like the mediators in our firm, the mediator is a family law lawyer who is specially trained to help opposing sides settle their disputes. The mediator listens to both sides and may provide suggestions to resolves differences to meet the individual needs of both sides and find common ground. The mediator may also play “devil’s advocate” to both sides in order to challenge their assumptions and positions in the case. This is done with the goal of helping each side realize possible weaknesses in their case, thus promoting compromise and movement from entrenched positions. 

Our Mediators

We’re very proud of our firm’s historical commitment to providing superior mediation services to our legal community. Our mediators have consistently been recognized as among the best in the state of Texas and the nation year after year. To inquire about mediation or book a mediation, feel free to call us or follow one of the links below. 

Mediation Assistance in Travis County, Williamson County, & Hays County

Because our team is committed to working as a cohesive unit, we are accustomed to working together to achieve positive outcomes. At FMLT, we communicate well with one another and put forth a team effort to help clients and other lawyers involved in mediation achieve the best possible case outcomes.

If you are looking for a partner during a mediation case with your clients, we can help! Our Austin divorce attorneys offer high-quality representation, so call (512) 420-0555 now.

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We Take a Team Approach to Family Law

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At our Austin law firm, we believe that each client has a unique set of needs and priorities. That’s why we provide compassionate, thorough, and individualized attention to each of our clients. This is accomplished using a team approach to resolve divorce and other family law cases. Clients can benefit from the combined experience of the lawyers in our firm. Our goal is always to maximize outcomes and minimize costs.

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We will be happy to assist with any divorce or family law-related matter in the Austin area, as well as any family law matter in Travis, Williamson, or Hays Counties.

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