Our family law practice areas...

Appealing Court Orders

Our firm handles all forms of family law issues in our courts of appeals statewide, and does so on an innovative, flat fee structure.

As we’ve handled family law appeals over the years, we’ve found that family law issues worthy of appeal do not proceed for two primary reasons: (1) the uncertainty of cost; and (2) the financial exhaustion of the parties. We seek to remedy this by offering the same highly effective and professional appellate service our clients have always enjoyed, but on a relatively affordable flat fee structure:

  • To pursue or defend an appeal of up to 3 distinct issues: $9,500
  • For each additional distinct issue: $2,500
  • Petition or response to the Texas Supreme Court: $6,500
  • To pursue or contest a petition for writ of mandamus: $7,500

Most cases are not appropriate for appeal. Before we accept your case and proceed on our flat fee structure, we will have a short conversation about the issues. If in that conversation we determine that your case involves the type of issues that might be appropriate for appeal, we will require a small retainer fee in order to review the record to decide whether an appeal is advisable in your case. In the event we accept your case for appeal, any funds spent from that retainer will go toward the flat fee amounts outlined above.

If you believe a court has made an appealable mistake in your case, or otherwise feel you have a family law issue that is worthy of appeal, mandamus, or other appellate court remedy, please feel free to call to speak with one of our appellate staff members today.