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How can an Austin Contested Divorce Lawyer Help?

There may come a time within the divorce process when couples do not agree on one or more issues, which can result in a trial where a judge acts as the mediator for opposing sides. Since a contested divorce lawyers matters are not being solved outside of court, it can add additional financial and emotional stress. Disagreements between spouses can lead to a drawn-out process of pre-trial legal motions, settlement proposals, negotiations, and possibly a trial before the divorce can be finalized.

What is contested divorce?

The opposing spouse, or petitioner, will file Original Petition for Divorce with information regarding their settlement requests in which the other spouse has 20 days to respond to with an answer document, according to Texas divorce laws.

The issues that will need to be resolved can include the following:

If the spouse responds with further disagreements to the petitioner’s request, they are involved in a contested divorce and need further assistance within the court to reach an agreement.

Before the case goes to trial, couples attempt meditation to meet an agreement together, alleviating some additional financial stress and time spent in court. However, if disagreements persist, a trial will follow, and a judge will attempt to meet the needs of both spouses for a settlement to occur.

Let Our Seasoned Firm Help with Your Divorce

The complexities of divorce require an experienced contested divorce lawyer who can protect your rights and guide you with information and thorough communication throughout the process. You need a legal advocate who can plan ahead to ensure the divorce goes as smoothly and organized as possible. With Friday Milner Lambert Turner, PLLC behind you, we can provide the help and guidance needed to navigate through the challenges that arise in the course of a divorce.

With our team approach and experienced negotiation skills, our legal advocates can be the edge you need to tackle the complicated process of contested divorce.

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